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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sew Bowl

Dear Lola,

It doesn’t matter who you are rooting for in this week’s Super Bowl match-up between the Ravens and the 49ers, an event for record books is in the making – two brothers are going head to head against each other for the first time in Super Bowl history.  In fact some news media outlets have dubbed this year’s bowl – the Bro Bowl!  The Harbaugh Brothers - Jim and John will be front and center playing out the ultimate story of sibling rivalry right before the entire world!  With the Lombardi Trophy up for grabs, one brother will go home a winner and another brother may be somewhat disappointed.  Ok, maybe that last part is an understatement – but luckily in the world of sewing we can all be winners!  We are all in this together!  We can unite behind one thing – it’s not the Bro Bowl – it’s the Sew Bowl!

I’m not a huge football fan; you’d think that with a house full of men, I would have learned to love it more – oh well c’est la vie!  With that being said, I am a BIG fan of the Super Bowl though!  In fact, it’s one of my favorite days.  I get up early to make lots of appetizers, chips and dips, and set them all out on the counter.  I fill up the ice buckets and coolers, remove any fragile items from the area, and make sure there is an empty trash can near by. Then I happily sneak into my sewing room, no one looks for me, no asks for me, and I am set free to sew to my heart’s content! 

I will be gleefully ensconced in my sewing space.  I have been “training” this week almost as hard as the Giants and the Ravens – getting ready for my Sew Bowl!  I’ve organized my projects with big plans of reaching the goal line!  I’m getting my stadium of sewing ready.  I’m the home team and I totally plan to win!  I've lined up my Aurifil (+Alex Veronelli) thread, my notions, my fabrics and my patterns!  I've got a game plan and a starting line up of my own!  I plan to work on my Michael Miller Clubhouse Bonus Projects and finishing up last year’s Clubhouse Quilt.  Then I will move onto the overtime round of embroidery, sewing some shop samples and binding a finished quilt.  I plan to score on every level!

Sometimes, my local sewing retailer has a Super Bowl Sale, so if I’m in the mood – I can saunter right out of the house for some retail therapy too!  That’s an awesome plan for my half-time show!  Or maybe I can take a Craftsy class!  It’s amazing to me that on this day, I am completely invisible to my family.  The pre-game show, the offensive line-up, the commercial line-up and the real half-time show take total precedence over anything I’m doing!  Isn’t it wonderful? 

So if you haven’t already made your Sew Bowl plans – what are you waiting for?

Hugs and stitches,