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Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Thread that Connects Us!

Dear Lola,

In the next few months, I will be traveling a bit for my consulting work and for the quilt shop where I work.  It's quite exciting to be with other quilters and enthusiastic sewists from around the country.  I love seeing the quilting and sewing projects that are traveling too.  I always think, "what would these quilts say if they could talk?"  

The projects inspire so many new projects.  The new patterns and fabrics create so much artistic synergy.  Some projects are copied exactly, while others create a segue in a quilter's mind that develops into a completely new and different project.

As you know I have insomnia, but I always find it even more difficult to sleep during these creative excursions.  My mind is like a computer with a thousand tabs open, processing and formulating new directions and connections.

The metaphor applies to all the new friends we make and meet too.  I was at a wonderful Tuffet Affiliate Workshop recently and the connections that were made there were amazing.  These ladies are like sisters to me and we have been keeping up with each other on social media.  They are have been teaching wonderful classes and introducing tuffeteering to so many enthusiastic tufeteers!

While I wish I lived closer to these dynamic women, I know in my heart we are always connected.  I will always be rooting for their success and quilting and sewing happiness.  That's the beauty of quilting.  Side by side, or miles apart, quilting friends will always be connected by heart!