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I love all things sewing!  It's all about the creative journey.  All my blog posts are letters to my sewing alter-ego - Lola!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Don't you hate making the same mistake over and over?

Dear Lola,

There is nothing worse than making the same mistake over and over.  I've been burning the candle at both ends and I just needed a little face time with my machine.  I have a block of the month that I have been working on forever!  Did I say forever?  I meant it - the blocks are 4 years old.

I have the fabrics cut out, so it seemed only natural to try to stitch together one block for a little therapy.  I literally sewed the block together wrong 3 times and was ultimately able to bond with my seam ripper instead of my machine.  I felt like the comic book character above - "These flying geese are killing me."

I have been doing a lot of volunteer work for my son's school and I love being around the kids.  They are all awesome.   The parents - not so much!  The parent group hasn't been very cohesive or very nice for that matter, so putting something together like one quilt block seemed like the perfect artistic therapy for me.

After the third failed attempt, I realized that the process was a metaphor for the frustrations I have been dealing with and even though I really like to avoid the seam ripper, I was able to control the outcome.  With life, we don't always have a seam ripper at our disposal.  We have to make do with uneven people and experiences.  We don't get do overs like we do with quilting.

So once again, my sewing space gives me the lessons and meditations that I need at just the right moment.  In hindsight, it's just fine that I didn't finish the block - ripping is just what this girl needed to do to let off a little steam!

Hugs and stitches,