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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Proquiltinating - A Very Real Syndrome!

Dear Lola,

It is official - I suffer from Proquiltinating.  It’s a syndrome that involves becoming so wrapped up in working on quilts that you forget about doing the laundry, the dishes or picking up your children from school.

I am completely transported into the space-time continuum – maybe Albert Einstein was a secret quilter!  He knew that a person could completely lose complete track of time and space!  Being near fabric in your sewing space or in a fabric store – stops time!  Nothing else matters!

As you know, I work at Wish Upon A Quilt, and when I’m there – my work doesn’t even feel like work.  I could stay there all the time and it’s fun.  I’m happy and I am amazed everyday when the workday has come to a close.  I think to myself – where has the time gone?

If anyone out there suffers from this syndrome as well – I’d like to hear from you.  Is there a cure or a way to at least curb the symptoms!  I have a notion that it’s an incurable syndrome – in fact – I don’t think anyone dies saying I wish I’d done more housework, but I can certainly imagine a quilter in the throes of death lamenting she didn’t finish her proverbial “Sistine Chapel” of a quilt.

Some might liken this to an addiction.  I can see that.  In fact, I am not ashamed to admit it – quilting is my drug!



  1. we should want a cure?

  2. This is an addiction that I see no need to cure! Enjoy!

  3. This is a good addiction, and no cure is needed. But... in the event you have kids (mine are grown now) then maybe a timer or a very good neighbor LOL

  4. Oh my goodness! I love this explanation. Im looking for a fun slogan to put on a tshirt for a charity drive at our next quilt show. I will be donating all profits to a local charity here in Australia. Can you tell me if this is your original idea and how I could get permission to have it printed on a teeshirt. Kind thanks

    1. Hi Dannielle - It is my original saying. You can put it on a teeshirt for charity - if you put the copyright symbol and SewSleepless at the bottom. Hugs and good luck.