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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sewing Wishes

Dear Lola,
Do you think it’s too late to share my list of sewing wishes for 2013?  It’s still pretty early in the year and you know I love my lists! A few years ago, I gave up making “traditional” New Year’s Resolutions like losing weight, exercising more, and keeping the garage clean in favor of creating a list of life experiences I hope to have in the upcoming year.  This new system works much better for me and of course, it’s definitely more fun!  The list isn’t law, but it sure will be great if I can accomplish it!

Here’s this year’s list of sewing wishes:

Charity Quilt
I want to make at least one charity quilt.  For starters, I totally believe in karma and I adore the idea of making someone feel happy. 

Master Electric Quilt 7
This year I want to learn how to design a quilt in Electric Quilt 7.  I am just enchanted by the thought of using this software to create my own quilt design and then ultimately bringing that design to life!  I promise to post about my experiences!

Attend Quilt Market
This has been my dream for a couple of years now.  Education, inspiration and creativity all rolled into one amazing experience!  Enough said!  I might even get to meet Alex Veronelli from Aurifil or Leah Day from the Free Motion Quilting Project.  They are two of my quilting world "idols"!

Make a T-Shirt Quilt
I’m ready to give this fun project a try.  Everyone loves a T-Shirt Quilt!  I know this isn’t a super ambitious project from a technical standpoint – but heck – everyone deserves some whimsy.  Another motive for doing this - getting rid of old T-shirts to make room for more fabric!  lol!

Hand Stitching
Just saying this makes me nervous!  I have a bonus project in my Michael Miller Clubhouse this year that requires hand stitching.  It’s time for me to tackle my irrational fears.  If I don’t – I’ll definitely never improve!

Machine Embroidery
I have a great machine that is capable of doing in the hoop embroidery, but I honestly don’t use it enough.  I am going to embroidery at least one project a month.  I promise to post my projects here for you to see! 

Through my job at Wish Upon A Quilt,  I am reminded my little sewing world is full of possibilities.  I love every learning opportunity I am given.  I also honestly believe there is not a more giving community than the sewing community.  Sewists and quilters love to share not only tips and techniques but also heart-warming stories of their sewing adventures.  When I took up sewing, I had absolutely no clue that I would come to adore my sewing peeps as much or more than the actual sewing!

It is thanks to my sewing peeps that I am always being introduced to new patterns and techniques that I want to experience at least once.  I also believe that some sewing experiences can be more successful when given more than one trial.  Like heirloom sewing – I gave it a try a few years ago and I honestly don’t think I was ready.  I just didn’t have confidence in my ability to maneuver the fabric accurately.  Now that I practice sewing almost daily – I think I could give it a try again in the future with better success.  I am praying there is a grandchild in my future that will be Christened in a gown I have sewn.  When my kids are ready – making that gown will definitely make the list!

The hardest part of making a list of sewing wishes is being realistic.  Like an enthusiastic Labrador puppy – I want to chase the ball until I fall over!  Luckily, I’m Sew Sleepless!