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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Relax - The Water is Fine

“Relax - the water is fine,” is what my sewing alter ego, Lola would say.  I’ve been thinking about trying a blog for a few years now and in every conversation I had with myself, I would find too many disqualifying questions to proceed.  Here are a few examples of the questions that stalled me:

  • Who will read it?
  • What intelligent things will I talk about?
  •  Do I have the stamina to stick with it?
  •  Isn’t it too pretentious?
  •  Am I creative enough?

Sewing in my home is an individual sport.  As the mother of 3 boys, with only 1 left in the nest, our group activities tend to involve action movies, sports and car-pooling to the first two on the list.  My boys (that includes hubby) have never bonded with me over my need to craft and create.  They support me, but from afar!

When I am in my sewing space, I find myself having conversations with my imaginary friend, Lola.  I didn’t name her originally – she was just some creative muse who listened to what I said, without a critical ear and of course, she never talked back.  Qualities that are totally underrated!  Every once in a while, my son or husband might walk by and inquire, “Whom are you talking to?”  I started out saying, “No one.” And then I realized, my steadfast friend and sewing companion regardless of her imaginary status, deserved a name and Lola was born.

There are many great things about Lola.  There is her fearlessness, her creativity, her ambition, her sensitivity and her serenity.  She is motivational.  She reminds me that every mistake I make is a learning opportunity.  She didn’t even laugh at me that time I sewed the sleeve to the neck hole!   Lola can be all the things I long to be and I find that if I hang out with Lola long enough – she rubs off on me just a little.  As we all know – a lot of “littles” add up to a lot! 

So I recently had my “blog conversation” with Lola.  She addressed each reservation on my list: “Who cares if no one but you reads it.  I listen to you all the time and you seem intelligent to me.  Stamina isn’t vital to a blog, I’m pretty sure there aren’t any “blog police”.  If you are honest, you won’t sound pretentious.  And finally, doesn’t a blog help you become more creative?” 

I have to admit Lola is right.  So why not relax and dive in – the water is fine!  So here I am, entering the world of blogging!  Since Lola believes in the experiment and she’s so easy to talk to, from here on out – all my posts will be addressed to Lola.  If you are reading any of my posts – you are a Lola of sorts!  You are a sewing sister/sistah or brother/brotha– someone who embraces the creative odyssey that is sewing.

When I took up sewing, just for kicks and an estrogen fix, I had no idea where it would lead me.  I love it all.  I still haven’t found that one type of sewing that’s so special it’s all I want to do.  I find I love the exploration of many, many techniques.  In fact, I’m so “all in” I find that I can’t sleep many, many nights. I have so many ideas and projects floating around in my head.  I read every magazine, book, blog and forum I can get my eyes on!  If I can actually be sewing, I'd rather be thinking about! So just call me:

Sew Sleepless!